Healthcare in Ghana: A Humanitarian Perspective

The article “Humanitarian Healthcare and Supply Chain Management: Addressing Challenges in Ghana” explores the intersection of healthcare delivery, supply chain management, and humanitarian efforts in the context of Ghana. The provision of medical services, procurement of supplies, and the unique challenges faced in addressing the healthcare needs of refugees and displaced persons are central to this discussion.

The article delves into the critical role of supply chain management in ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services in Ghana, particularly in the context of refugee and displaced populations. It draws on a literature review of humanitarian supply chain management related to refugees, highlighting the challenges, gaps, and directions for future research in this area.The procurement of products and services in humanitarian organizations is examined, emphasizing its significance and the challenges associated with this process. The article also addresses the harsh realities of healthcare in Ghana, shedding light on the challenges faced in a developing country and the implications for humanitarian medicine and supply chain management.By integrating insights from the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the complexities and opportunities in addressing healthcare challenges in Ghana from a humanitarian perspective. It underscores the need for innovative solutions, collaborative efforts, and evidence-based approaches to enhance healthcare access and equity in the region.The article “Humanitarian Healthcare and Supply Chain Management: Addressing Challenges in Ghana” serves as a valuable resource for academics and practitioners in the humanitarian, public, and private sectors, offering practical guidance and insights to inform and advance healthcare delivery and supply chain management in Ghana and similar contexts.

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