Research Antarctica


Research Antarctica

It takes a lot of passion a huge amount of money and good people to make a research project in Antarctica come to life. If you would ask me today if I would do it again I can tell you right away the answer is no. Might this perspective change when we have archived our goal and prove the concept of high data rates for telemedicine ? Yes, most likely and all pain goes with time and so does the memory of crowdfunding, writing emails and doing phone calls.

We’re limited on what we can bring if we’re going to more remote places. We don’t have a general hospital close by, and by Western standards, we might not even have one in the country. You can’t order equipment and you might not be able to bring what you want in. How can we keep high medical standards if we have limited resources and limited equipment? 

More knowledge is needed!

It’s way better to have a mechanic and a Walmart toolbox than a crewless ambulance.

Knowledge is a much bigger power than equipment. So if we cannot bring all the equipment we need to bring knowledge.

When we optimize the shared information and provide clear communication we can make the best out of the gear we have by maximum high medical standards.