Remote Network


No matter if you need your firefighter to live stream drone footage to the command center or you want silent communication on ATAK for your SWAT unit we can provide you the mobile network solution.

We needed a powerful network to transmit medical data worldwide in a portable and power-independent unit. As we could not find what we needed we built it ourselves and brought it back to Antarctica where we started the journey. As Antarctica had the lowest density on Starlink satellites at that time it was a good test ground. On a ship as a mobile platform, we have sent 12 days of successful data around the globe so we fully trust our system to fulfill your needs.

The unit is fully independent and can operate 1,5 hrs. on one battery pack while we provide 3 and you can charge as you go also fully remote by Powerfilm solar panel or Shine Turbine to use wind. Of course if available you can charge via power from a landline.