I have spend almost the complete month in Germany visiting different companies and cooperation. To make a long story short it is crazy complicated to get the product on the market in Germany. There is a general “let´s find a problem” mentality and it is not based on anything logical. We got published in another magazine, take a look at page 22.


We have been on RuhrSummit 2024 and showcased to a new audience in central Germany. The ruhrSUMMIT 2024 brings together inter-national players from the digital economy and the start-up ecosystem in a tangible and innovative way. Link


Since we showcased our product on DMEA in Berlin a lot has happened. We are currently setting up a new company in Germany and have joint forces with a strong partner in the field of IT Security, Powerfolder in particular to follow the German law requirements. Besides the business in Germany of course we are still working in the field of expedition medicine and also here we have found a strong partner. I am very happy to say that we have a cooperation with Carinthia the top brand for insulated clothing and equipment – from professionals for professionals. As well as Nortent is the leading brand from Norway when it comes to Expedition tents. This will become more relevant later this year so stay tuned. The latest publication can be found in the May publication of 10xD but I also was invited to be part of an online symposium from the European Society Extreme Environment Medicine which can be found here.


Just back from DMEA2024 in Berlin. With over 800 national and international exhibitors, around 350 speakers and 18,600 participants , Europe’s leading event for digital healthcare has once again set a record. We are opening up a company in Germany so that Polarmedic becomes a partner not only in the north but in Central Europe. Still able to support in Norway and UK but soon in addition from the new HQ in Germany.


We are back from Antarctica and there is no way I can compress the complete Expedition in some lines of text but there is a webinar where I have talked about it so if you are curious click the video on the right.

Here is some PR:

and there is so much more to come. We are invited to publish in some magazine as well to go to conference so I will update here as usual.


I am leaving Norway on 15.02.24 for Antarctica. Please follow for updates…


Update research Antarctica:

– Patient Monitor in the mail

– Software and the integration of different sources on to one website tested and confirmed

– Software from EDAN to share the monitor data runs on Windows and works with our software to integrate external sources as Ultrasound

– GoFundMe remains useless as well as “paid experts” to promote the campaign

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Going to Antarctica for research is not something you just do and everything just works as planned. The amount of planning and the incredible amount of work this brings with it is just insane. Still we are making progress and it all goes in the right direction. I find the biggest challenge is to finance such an expedition and get all the necessary kit in place. If you feel like supporting our work:


Test successful completed, the integration of Powerfilm Solarpanels worked without problems. At this point we have unlimited energy to operate the Starlink and have 1,5 hrs. to send telemedicine data wherever we want.


Antarctica mission in planning and we are still working on the research proposal. The conferences upcoming. Stay tuned more updates coming.



Work in the high north of Norway and preparation for a polar medicine training in the high north. Besides that I am rotating to get gear in place and setup a telemedicine test from Antarctica. The plan is to use a modified Starlink system to transfer medical data from a moving platform to Europe and establish a solid connection. Exciting but also a lot of work and expensive gear is required to make that happen. I also quite work early this season to be able to travel to the UK to join the Royal Geographic Society conference and go to Royal College of Surgeons symposium there will be also meetings with communication experts and gear manufacturer for a custom backpack….Stay tuned for updates.


Besides the study in Scotland I finally got fully licensed as A2 pilot for UAV and got myself a bit in to the work of SAR teams who operate with Drones. First course is done and I also forced myself to update on ACLS as I skipped that training for while.

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Intensive product test near Folgefonna Glacier in Norway. HopeTerm was one of my product highlights a small device that allows to measure body core temperature. Small size, robust design and ICU performance. 


That was a busy June with preparation for a large project in Norway and many meetings with suppliers for equipment. I was lucky enough to get cooperation with Retevis so now I can supply teams in and around Norway with reliable comms. It goes without saying that I had more training than always, and besides the University work at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, there was a very intensive Ultrasound course that was amazing but also made it clear that there is still more work to be done before I can call myself an Ultrasound expert. I meight have finally found a monitor which gives me a reliable telemedicine option and also in that direction I have been in contact and we are waiting for more information on that behalf.



I am excited to share some updates on my professional work. Recently, I became a member of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Additionally, I have completed two training courses, “Operational Leadership in SAR” and “Helicopter in SAR Advanced Level”. Furthermore, I have finished the first paper for my Diploma studies in Offshore and Remote Medicine at the same College. I am thrilled to have achieved these milestones and look forward to continuing my professional development.