About expedition medicine

Expedition medicine in the polar regions requires specific training due to the challenging environment. The training for a polar medic includes cold weather medicine, navigation, dentistry, polar guiding, communication, survival skills, risk assessment, and the use of medical kits. Specialized courses, such as the Polar Medicine Course in Norway, offer comprehensive training in polar medicine, survival skills, and expedition planning

These courses are designed to provide hands-on training and field scenarios to prepare medical professionals for the unique challenges of providing care in the polar regions

Additionally, courses offered by organizations like the Arctic Safety Center and Mountain Rescue Association are also recommended for those seeking training in polar medicine

Transporting patients in the polar regions, whether by boat or snowmobile, requires specific skills and practical training due to the harsh conditions. As the polar environment presents numerous challenges, continuous learning and practical training are essential for those aspiring to work as polar medics. Therefore, a long-term approach to training and ongoing education is crucial for effectively providing medical care in these austere environments.


In conclusion, becoming a proficient polar medic requires a comprehensive and continuous training approach, which can be obtained through specialized courses and practical experience. The polar environment demands a high level of expertise and preparedness to ensure the safety and well-being of expedition members.