‘Society of the Snow’ and Roberto Canessa’s Life-Changing Experience

NOLS had the opportunity to chat with Roberto Canessa, one of the survivors of the Andes plane crash in 1972. Netflix released a movie, Society of the Snow, about the crash, its impacts on the team that took that fateful flight, and how they endured and survived in harsh and adverse conditions. Roberto shared his …

On the Move

This past week saw a lot of movement and travel across the ice sheet, as many scientists headed out into the field to carry out their research. 

PEA Welcomes Even More Scientists and a Film Crew

As the scientists who arrived last week completed their field training and started to head out into the field, additional scientists and a film crew led by Belgian journalist and filmmaker Eric Goens arrived on Friday.

New Year, Same Unwavering Support for Science

Aside from a small New Year’s celebration for those who were at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA), the scientists and crew have been working hard supporting science projects, managing logistics in prevision of the ship arriving next week, as well as maintaining and improving the station’s infrastructure.